The Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid Process PPT:  2015-16 Financial Aid Overview.pdf

No, money doesn't grow on trees, but there are many ways to fund your college experience without breaking the bank. The State of Florida offers Bright Future's Scholarships to all students who qualify. Many community organizations and businesses also provide money to students who complete their application and meet their requirements. These links provide information on a variety of available scholarships. You may also meet with your counselor to discuss specific schools and assistance those schools might provide.


The first step to receiving financial aid is to fill out the Federal Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit for more information. For the class of 2017 and after, the FAFSA will be available after October 1 of their senior year.

Applying for Financial Aid is free.


The FAFSA information is electronically sent to any other colleges you choose by the processing center. After you have been admitted to your college of choice, your application is reviewed by a financial aid advisor. You will be considered for all financial aid, including institutional grants, federal and state grants, as well as academic scholarships based on work in progress.

IMPORTANT: Students interested in qualifying for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program should visit to view their evaluation report. Students should create a profile on this site to view their EPEP (Educational Planner) and then they will have access to the Bright Futures Evaluation service. Bright Futures GPA eligibility is based on the credits outlined on the website. Please visit the Bright Futures link to gain more information or stop by to see your counselor.

Applying for Bright Futures & Florida Grants & Scholarships

SENIORSPlease complete your on-line application for the Bright Futures Scholarship beginning December 1 of your senior year to be considered in the first evaluation. Remember, all seniors should fill out the application even if you’re not planning on staying in Florida for college or you don’t think you’ll qualify for Bright Futures.  By submitting the application, you will also be considered for other grants and scholarships.  Remember to also fill out the FAFSA ( after January 1st of your senior year. Stop by guidance if you have questions.
To apply for Bright Futures, go to and follow these steps:

1. Click on 'State Grants, Scholarships, and Applications' on the left side of the page
2. Under 'Applicant Quick Links', select 'Student Application'.
3. Read the links, then click “Proceed to Application”.
4. Complete the application. Ensure that your name, social security number, and date of birth are correct.
5. Submit the application by clicking “Submit/Print My Application” at the bottom of the page.
6. Once you submit your application, you’ll see the confirmation page.  Save your confirmation number by writing it down or printing out the confirmation email.