Test Schedule

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These exams are scheduled by College Board and cannot be changed. Please make sure your student is in attendance on the day of the exam.

The Advanced Placement Program

AP Advantages
AP gives students the chance to try college-level work in high school and to gain valuable skill and
study habits for college. If you get a "qualifying" grade on the AP exam, there are thousands of
colleges worldwide that will give credit for advanced placement in courses for your efforts. For
some very competitive colleges and universities, such as the University of Florida, AP coursework
as part of your high school transcript is a must!

The hard work really does pay off - in the form of AP awards, time and money saved in college, the
chance to challenge yourself by studying a subject in depth, and more. Many of out students take a
full range of AP courses, and enter college with enough credits to be classified as sophomores!

"How difficult are AP courses?" "Can I get my AP grades online?" "What is the course content
of a specific course?" "How can I prepare for the AP exam?" These are a few of the questions that
you might have about the AP program which can be answered by talking to our AP instructors, or visiting www.collegeboard.org.

AP Prep
Preparing for an AP course and exam can be a daunting task. Never fear because there is help
available from instructor help-sessions, print publications,
and an array of online materials.

Exam Info
There are a lot of details involved with taking an AP course and exam. You may be wondering,
When is the exam? Is there a cost? What happens the day of the test? When do I get my grades?
What if I have a disability? All of these questions can be answered on www.collegeboard.org.

AP Subjects
We have 29 courses and counting! Now is the time to do a little research so that you will be ready to receive the numerous rewards of AP courses on your next schedule! The AP Courses currently available at LHHS are:

-AP Art History
-AP Biology
-AP Calculus AB
-AP Calculus BC
-AP Chemistry
-AP Computer Science
-AP Environmental Science
-AP English Language
-AP English Literature
-AP European History
-AP French Language
-AP Human Geography
-AP Macroeconomics
-AP Physics 1
-AP Physics 2
-AP Physics C: E&M
-AP Physics C: Mechanics
-AP Psychology
-AP Research
-AP Seminar
-AP Spanish Language
-AP Spanish Literature
-AP Statistics
-AP Studio Art: 2D
-AP Studio Art: 3D
-AP Studio Art: Drawing
-AP US Government
-AP US History
-AP World History