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Sophomore Checklist: Keep track of your progress

1. Meet with the school counselor - again.

  • Meet with your counselor to make sure you are on track.

  • Pay attention to credits and GPA.

  • Challenge yourself by registering for courses that will prepare you for college (Honors, Advanced Placement).

2. Prepare for and take the PSAT. While this test is usually taken in the eleventh grade, it is also offered in the tenth. That's because it provides invaluable feedback on the Student Score Report; tenth-graders can then work on any disclosed academic weakness while there is still ample time to improve them.

3. Are you interested in attending a U.S. military academy? If so, he or she should request a precandidate questionnaire and complete it. (Air Force Academy click HERE, Naval Academy click HERE, West Point click HERE)

4. Attend college and career fairs. These often take place in the fall.

  • Start thinking about and exploring college/career options.

  • Register for community service (it'll earn you .5 credits and help you to obtain the Bright Future's Scholarship)

  • Get help when needed (confer with counselors, teachers, peer tutors, etc.).

5. Take your State Assessment. In the Spring, prepare for and take the FSA (this year's test is the one that counts towards graduation).

6. Stay informed.

  • Pick up a final report card or leave a self-addressed stamped envelope to have final grades mailed to you.

  • Make sure you make up any credits lost, through summer school or Virtual School.

  • Make sure that you sign up for the correct courses for the next school year.