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When: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Where: The Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World

Time: 6:30pm-11pm


Prom 2024 is officially sold out! Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Ticket Pick Up will be during both lunches beginning on Tuesday, April 9 through Thursday, April 11 in front of Bldg 4. All students must pick up their own ticket. Guests who are not Lake Howell students can have their ticket picked up by their date. In order to pick up your ticket, you must have ID (license, school ID, or other official forms of identification).

In order to enter prom, each person must have their ticket and a form of ID. Anyone without a ticket or ID will not be allowed into prom. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET.

CHECK-IN BEGINS AT 6:30PM AND ENDS PROMPTLY AT 7:00PM.  If you are not checked-in by that time, you will not be allowed to enter prom. Please plan accordingly. You should be parked and walking to the venue before 6:15pm. Once you check-in, you CANNOT leave the area.

- Wristbands must be visible at all times.  Attendees MUST wear the wristband for the duration of prom or they will be escorted out of the park.

- No bags of any kind are allowed into prom except 6-inch clutch purses (no larger than half a sheet of paper).  Absolutely no backpacks, totes bags, or large purses allowed.

- All attendees will be screened by Disney Security prior to entering the Prom.  Any unauthorized items, including vapes, will be confiscated. Individuals found with such items will immediately be escorted from the Prom, and their parents will be contacted. SCPS students found with unauthorized items will receive disciplinary consequences on Monday upon their return to school based on the SCPS Student Code of conduct.

- Any attendee in possession or drugs or alcohol or found to be under the influence will be escorted out of the dance and appropriate arrangements made for their departure or any other appropriate safety action. Disney Security has the right to trespass or have arrested any student or guest who is in possession of drugs or alcohol or found to be under the influence.

- Any student or non-student who attempts to enter the Prom without a ticket shall be detained by the administration until a parent can pick up the individual (if under 18 years of age). Individuals who are not a student at Seminole County Public Schools will be trespassed and may be arrested.

- Plan for traffic!!  Travel from Lake Howell to the venue can take up to 50 minutes.  Accidents happen on roads and sometimes Google Maps does not account for the accident.  GIVE YOURSELF TIME!  Rather be safe and on time than late and sorry.

- Parking will be free, however it is very limited.  We strongly suggest driving with friends. If you are traveling via limousine or Uber, there will be a drop off area for you.

- There will be a free coat check at prom.  Use it wisely.  Do not leave your valuables unattended.  Neither Lake Howell or Disney are responsible for items that are lost or stolen at prom.  We suggest you bring ONLY the essentials.

- Prom ends at 11pm.  If you are getting picked up, please make sure that they are at the parking lot before 11pm.

Prom is a very formal event so please, mind your manners.

  • It is customary for a gentleman to pull out chairs for any of the ladies sitting at your table.
  • Elbows off the table please! Chew with your mouth closed.
  • Do not yell across the room.
  • The silverware set at your table is setup to be used starting from the outside and working your way in.Also, your napkin goes on your lap.
  • Drinks are placed on the right-hand side of the plate.
  • Please stay seated during dinner. Every time someone gets up to walk around/use the restroom, the event staff have to wait until everyone is back at the table to serve your food. That takes up valuable “dance time” so please STAY SEATED!
  • DO NOT SWITCH TABLES! The event staff have a count of how many meals are at each table (including special meals for those with allergies) and when someone switches tables, it slows down the food service considerably which, again, takes away valuable "dance time".
  • When the waiter/waitress asks to see your wristband, please show them immediately. If you take your wristband off, you will not be served and you will be escorted out of prom.

The dance will begin after dessert is finished. 



Congratulations to the 2023-2024 SGA and Class Officers!

Student Government

  • President - Gabby Ynojosa
  • Vice President - Amalia Sayavong
  • Secretary - Angela Yang
  • Treasurer - Morgan Ahrens
  • Parliamentarian - Nina Williams
  • Historian - Matt Ramsey
  • Social Media Correspondents - Jaden Morales & Isabel Perez
  • Representatives - Blake Sukhu & Yonuel Acevedo

Class of 2024

  • President - Jaida Phifer
  • Vice President - Jalen Brown
  • Seretary - Ivan Duong
  • Treasurer - Lily Nguyen
  • Historian - Tatiana Mora
  • Social Media Correspondents - Maliyah Dixon & Unique Lucas
  • Representative - Angela Mendoza

Class of 2025

  •  President - Hailey Tanner
  • Vice President - Ivonna Duong
  • Secretary - Justin Constanzo
  • Treasurer - Chloe Griffin
  • Social Media Correspondents - Grace Hall & Miasha Sutherland
  • Representatives - Landon Spain & Skylar VanEtten

Class of 2026

  • President - Jillian Scheinberg
  • Vice President - Rachel Bartholomew
  • Secretary - Shania Queeman
  • Treasurer - Diana Bastardo
  • Social Media Correspondent - Noel Velaquez & Elvire Joseph


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