Howard, Michael Principal [email protected]
Hawkins, Marsela Assistant Principal [email protected]
Kimball, Melissa Assistant Principal [email protected]
Pearson, Amber Assistant Principal [email protected]
Pitters, Marc Assistant Principal [email protected]
McLaughlin, Wesley Dean [email protected]
Grace, Linion School Administration Manager [email protected]
  School Administration Manager
Windt, Joseph School Administration Manager [email protected]
Bratton, Meghann School Counselor [email protected]
Ellis, Carolyn School Counselor [email protected]
Francis, Lisandra School Counselor [email protected]
  School Counselor  
McPherson, Sheryl Bookkeeper [email protected]
Hernandez, Jo Ann Executive Secretary [email protected]
Leman, Scott Athletic Director [email protected]
Bassinger, Amy Attendance & GOAL [email protected]
McAnney, Shawn Dining Services Manager [email protected]
Avella, Nicole District Mental Health Counselor [email protected]
Spence, Nadia Instructional Coach [email protected]
  Network Specialist  
Collard, Nhung Speech Pathologist [email protected]
Timson, Christopher Speech Pathologist [email protected]
Castro, Emmanuel Athletic Trainer [email protected]
Axelrod, Lauren Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Bradley, Rayna Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Glass, Tammy Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Hall, Ken Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Hamel, James Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Joiner, Nicholas Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Klinke, Kristyn Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Lacerenza, Robin Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Legler, Caroline Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Marcello, Julie Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Marrero Negron, Michelle Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Pizzuti, Jordan Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Simpson, Portia Career and Technical Education [email protected]
Keeling Jr., Wayne Career and Technical Education; ROTC [email protected]
Ulloa, Jorge Career and Technical Education; ROTC [email protected]
Brittain, Constance English Language Arts [email protected]
Cline, Kristin English Language Arts [email protected]
Handley, Madeleine English Language Arts [email protected]
Helton, Bradley English Language Arts [email protected]
Herriger, Patricia English Language Arts [email protected]
Herriger, Shawn English Language Arts [email protected]
Hockenjos, Amy English Language Arts [email protected]
McDowell, Jennifer English Language Arts [email protected]
Mongiovi, Theresa English Language Arts [email protected]
Norton, Marie English Language Arts [email protected]
O'Connell, Christopher English Language Arts [email protected]
Privette, Amos English Language Arts [email protected]
Roden, Heather English Language Arts [email protected]
Walters, Matthew English Language Arts [email protected]
Youngblood, Alan English Language Arts [email protected]
Brandon, Jonathan ESE [email protected]
Giambalvo, Paul ESE [email protected]
Hammock, Ken ESE [email protected]
Agagnina Jr, Robert ESE [email protected]
Brace, Trent ESE [email protected]
Martinez Maldonado, Jessica ESE [email protected]
McNicol, Scott ESE [email protected]
Piard, Noah ESE [email protected]
Sinness, Shannon ESE [email protected]
Abugosh, Shareen ESOL [email protected]
Boccheciamp-Davila, Annette ESOL [email protected]
Boccheciamp-Gonzales, Rosalind ESOL [email protected]
Martin, Anthony Fine & Performing Arts; Art [email protected]
Rivas, Sandra Fine & Performing Arts; Art [email protected]
Eslava, Jose Fine & Performing Arts; Band [email protected]
Serrano, Elisael Fine & Performing Arts; Chorus/Orchestra [email protected]
Sadkane, Rain Fine & Performing Arts; Dance [email protected]
Ortiz, Tiffany Fine & Performing Arts; Drama [email protected]
Aviles, Joylynne Math [email protected]
Bloomdahl, Bethany Math [email protected]
Buford, James Math [email protected]
Chase, Nicholas Math [email protected]
Curry, Haley Math [email protected]
Dopson, Detra Math [email protected]
Hanser, Bonnie Math [email protected]
Leiro, Alberto Math [email protected]
Lorenzano, Anna Math [email protected]
Morris, Elizabeth Math [email protected]
Norris, William Math [email protected]
Place, Stevie Math [email protected]
Rothrock, John Math [email protected]
Samuels, Kemanie Math [email protected]
Sutton, Cheyenne Math [email protected]
Lorenzano, Shaun Physical Education [email protected]
Rhein, Laura Physical Education [email protected]
Vach, Kimberly Physical Education [email protected]
Whidden, Courtney Physical Education [email protected]
Barnett, Brian Science [email protected]
Cimo, Sharon Science [email protected]
Cutcher, James Science [email protected]
Cutcher, Tyler Science [email protected]
DeCastro, Marc
Hinkley, Amanda Science [email protected]
Ibraheem, Marianne Science [email protected]
McAllan, Elizabeth Science [email protected]
Medla, Jonathan Science [email protected]
Nice, John Science [email protected]
Pitts, Tyrik Science [email protected]
Stojanova, Renata Science [email protected]
Johnson, Duncan Science [email protected]
Betsinger, Scott Social Studies [email protected]
Bolling, Kathleen Social Studies [email protected]
Eloumari, Amber Social Studies [email protected]
Henry, Ricardo Social Studies [email protected]
Kehr, Sara Social Studies [email protected]
Lambert, Cory Social Studies [email protected]
Martin, Matthew Social Studies [email protected]
Musial, Kyle Social Studies [email protected]
Myers, Jeffrey Social Studies [email protected]
Peterson, Richard
Social Studies [email protected]
Redman, Brandon Social Studies [email protected]
Rodriguez, Jillian Social Studies [email protected]
Rodriguez, Juan Social Studies [email protected]
Vasquez, Jessica Social Studies [email protected]
Yates, Stacey Social Studies [email protected]
Aviles, Marielis World Language [email protected]
Kunos, Rebecca World Language [email protected]
Morales Infante, Auris World Language [email protected]
Schlottfeldt, Stephanie World Language [email protected]
Toomey, Nina World Language [email protected]
Zayas-Boccheciamp, Dalymar World Language [email protected]
Downing, Jesse Assistant Care Giver [email protected]
Dragoljevic, Vaso Custodian [email protected]
Figueroa Cotto, Petra Custodian [email protected]
Foster, Tara Custodian [email protected]
Henry, Michael Custodian [email protected]
Johnson, Katherine Custodian [email protected]
Mancic, Bosiljka Custodian [email protected]
Mancic, Slavisa Custodian [email protected]
Roque Garcia, Rodolfo Custodian [email protected]
Smith, Thomas Custodian [email protected]
Suggs, Eumeka Custodian [email protected]
Testa, Peter Custodian [email protected]
McCaman, Nicholas Custodian Head [email protected]
Shields, William Custodian Plant Maintenance [email protected]
Perez Garcia, Monica FTE Clerk [email protected]
Rodriguez, Yara FTE Clerk [email protected]
Roberts, Kim Job Experience Training Coach [email protected]
Holmes, Shawn Parapro ESE [email protected]
Leon Pereira, Sheilla Parapro ESE [email protected]
Lupoe, David Parapro ESE [email protected]
Shepard, Christopher Parapro ESE [email protected]
Bridges, Tim Secretary [email protected]
Eskarous, Erine Secretary [email protected]
Figueroa-Figueroa, Coralys Secretary [email protected]
Judski, Cynthia Secretary; Athletic [email protected]
Sutton, Michael Secretary; Attendance [email protected]
Krise, Charmaine Secretary; Discipline [email protected]
Shaw, Diane Secretary; Registrar [email protected]
Darnell, David Security [email protected]
Jarrells, Jamelia Security [email protected]
Tirado, Efrain Security [email protected]
Bohm, Joel
Plant Maintenance
[email protected]

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